Hi there!

I'm Kelly. I'm a filmmaker and I love filming things. Especially weddings.  

I started filming and editing things in 2005 in a little town called Prosser, Washington. It made me so happy I decided to move to Ithaca, New York to get a degree in filming things. When I was done, I moved to Los Angeles, world capital of filming things, and filmed some things

I decided to ditch the traffic and move to Buffalo to start filming weddings for family and friends. I loved that I could use my enthusiasm for videography to give my loved ones a memorable gift. I've been known to pull double duty as bridesmaid and videographer in the past. (Bridesmaid services not for hire!)

 2010 - Getting started with my little Canon Vixia

2010 - Getting started with my little Canon Vixia

2013 - Going Pro with the Canon 5D Mark III

Now I film weddings for beautiful and happy strangers, and I get so excited to capture the love and laughter and mishaps of their day. I love figuring out how to best represent each unique couple on film. 

I'm a documentarian, and I capture the day as it unfolds, from prep to ceremony to photo sessions, toasts and dancing. I rarely ask couples to do anything for my camera, no posing, no re-dos, no second takes. I like to be discreet, and at 4'11'' I'm pretty good at staying out of the way, while still getting the shot. 

So that's me, in a nutshell.